Another 1,000% Setup.

We’ve done really well with Gold (GLD). The original GLD calls are now up over 1,500 %.

I expect this trend to continue.

Today’s trade idea is another precious metal that is set as well as GLD was when we got started with it.

This trend will benefit from the trade tensions; it’s not dependent on it.

Read below for the details.

The chart below is a weekly chart of Silver (SLV).

The key level to look at is the 200-week moving average. Last week silver closed over this level.

The difference between now and prior attempts is that this time the slope of the average is not down.

Today, SLV is down.

This is good for this set up, because it will tell us how strong the bulls are.

Now if SLV trades over today’s high that is the buy trigger (over 16.30).

The stop should be under 14.90.

This move could last months. Long-dated call options could go up a 1,000% just like the GLD call did.

Be patient.

Trade smart,

Rick Nartarian, Chief Investment Officer
Darwin Wealth Creation