Former top Trump aide Hope Hicks to appear before Judiciary Committee

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Former White House communications director Hope Hicks has agreed to an interview with members of the House Judiciary Committee, Chairman Jerrold Nadler announced Wednesday.

The interview will be closed to the public and media but will be transcribed and quickly released to the public, Nadler said.

The New York Democrat said Hicks will answer questions related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian collusion with the 2016 Trump campaign and “efforts by President Trump, his associates, and other administration officials to obstruct justice and investigations into presidential misconduct.”

Nadler described Hicks as a key witness in the Mueller investigation, which did not find Trump guilty of collusion but left open whether he attempted to obstruct the investigation.

Earlier this month, the White House instructed Hicks not to appear before the panel.

Nadler, in a statement, left open punitive action by the committee if Hicks refuses to answer questions.

“Ms. Hicks understands that the Committee will be free to pose questions as it sees fit, including about her time on the Trump Campaign and her time in the White House,” Nadler said.

“Should there be a privilege or other objection regarding any question, we will attempt to resolve any disagreement while reserving our right to take any and all measures in response to unfounded privilege assertions.

“We look forward to her testimony and plan to make the transcript promptly available to the public.”