“Good Food Ruined By Horrendous Management”

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We booked a reservation for this restaurant with high expectations – especially with the view overlooking Whitstable Harbour. We were greeted by a friendly waitress that showed us to our table and took our temperature. It was very busy inside which is good to see given how businesses have lost money through this pandemic. Whilst we were sat down a very rude abrupt woman came up to us asking the age of our 13 year old son. We knew from reviews their attitude towards children but he’s 13!? For the rest of the evening she’d occasionally glare at us. We tried to move past it but then our food arrived.

I got the bouillabaisse and it was divine. Though after the meal the same woman who made the comments earlier took our food in a frantic rush. She then snapped at my wife when she asked for the dessert menu saying “when I’m ready!” slightly raising her voice. We were gobsmacked by this when you work in customer service. We asked one of the waitresses for the manager as we were paying enough, you expect good service for the prices. It turns out that woman is the owner!? Is she trying to drive away customers? Upon research her name appears to be Elizabeth and she already has a tarnished reputation from matters more severe than mine.

Needless to say, if this is the owners’ attitude towards their customers I shall not be returning to this establishment. Shame as everything else was good but I will not feel uncomfortable as a paying customer.