Is Afghanistan Associated More With Biden Or Trump?

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Which president has the US withdrawal from Afghanistan been more closely associated with, Joe Biden or Donald Trump? The timeline below shows total daily mentions of the US withdrawal across CNN, MSNBC and Fox News since the start of August.

The timeline below shows only those mentions of Afghanistan that occurred within 15 seconds of a mention of Biden, capturing the degree to which the withdrawal was associated with his presidency.

Similarly, the timeline below shows the total mentions that occurred within 15 seconds of a mention of Trump.

Putting the three graphs together, the timeline below shows the percentage of all Afghanistan mentions across the three combined channels each day that also mentioned either Biden or Trump. The percentage of withdrawal coverage that referenced Trump remains fairly constant at around 1-3% through present. In contrast, the percentage of withdrawal coverage mentioning Biden increases from around 7% to around 17% before dropping to around 12%, showing the story became increasingly associated with his presidency.

The timeline above counts all three channels together. Recall that Fox News mentioned Biden far more often in its Afghanistan coverage than did CNN or MSNBC. The graph below takes the timeline above that combines CNN+MSNBC+Fox News and adds a second set of lines representing just CNN+MSNBC (excluding Fox News). For Trump there is little difference, but for Biden excluding Fox News significantly reduces the withdrawal’s association with Biden, meaning CNN and MSNBC viewers saw far fewer mentions of Biden in their withdrawal coverage than did Fox News viewers.