Rep. Jamie Raskin Sounds the Alarm on Trump’s Self-Declared ‘Secretary of Retribution’

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A Democratic lawmaker is calling for congressional leadership to condemn a former government employee-turned-Donald Trump zealot who has collected the names of 350 people he wants to see arrested or swatted should the former president claw his way back into the White House.

The “Deep State target list” compiled by Ivan Raiklin, a veteran and former U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency employee who has dubbed himself Trump’s future “secretary of retribution,” is extensive, according to Raw Story, which first reported the news.

It includes the names of Democratic and Republican elected officials, journalists labeled Trump’s “political enemies,” U.S. Capitol Police officers, and witnesses in Trump’s impeachment trials and the Jan. 6 committee hearings, among others.

“This is a deadly serious report,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) told the outlet.

“A retired U.S. military officer has drawn up a ‘Deep State target list’ of public officials he considers traitors, along with our family members and staff. His hit list is a vigilante death warrant for hundreds of Americans and a clear and present danger to the survival of American democracy and freedom.”

Raskin went even further on Wednesday, urging House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to “denounce this dangerous plot.”

The Trump campaign did not respond to Raw Story’s requests for comment.

Responding to a set of written questions from the outlet, Raiklin said, in part, “Look at my entire Deep State target list. That is the beginning. This is the scratching of the surface of who is going to be criminalized for their treason, okay?”