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SAN JOSE — Travelers departing from Terminal A at Mineta San Jose International Airport on Saturday afternoon endured significant delays after a security scare involving unsecured baggage, prompting authorities to canvass the entire terminal and re-screen every passenger.

In a tweet shortly before 6 p.m. the airport said all passengers had been re-screened and operations were back to normal, but some airlines might still have delays.

TSA spokeswoman Carrie Harmon said in a statement that workers with an unspecified airline “failed to properly secure some checked baggage after it had been screened by TSA.”

The airport added in a tweet that the baggage was then “inadvertently brought into” Terminal A. Harmon said “as a precaution, TSA cleared and swept Terminal A with negative findings.”

The airport said passengers were being rescreened, “but there are a large number of passengers waiting to be re-screened.”

“We appreciate our customers’ patience and apologize for any inconvenience as we ensured their safety and security in Terminal A today,” the airport said in a tweet.

Passengers who got past the security checkpoint when the error was discovered were required to be re-screened.

The airport said about 300 passengers and employees were rescreened in about 20 minutes. Six departing flights were delayed up to two hours and two arriving flights were delayed by 15 minues.