Seth Meyers Says Trump Is in ‘What Constitutional Scholars’ Refer to as ‘An Ass Load of Trouble’ (Video)

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“Late Night” host Seth Meyers used his “A Closer Look” segment to dive into former president Donald Trump’s legal issues in New York and Florida.

On Thursday night’s show, the NBC star first addressed New York attorney general Letitia James’ lawsuit against Trump and three of his adult children, playing a clip showing the AG accusing the family of “violating several state criminal laws, including falsifying business, records, issuing false financial statements, insurance fraud, and engaging in a conspiracy to commit each of these state law violations.”

With the list so long, Meyers suggested it “would just be easier to list the crimes Trump hasn’t committed.”

“I mean, as far as we know, he hasn’t broken any maritime laws,” Meyers joked. “Although we say that now and then, like in a week, audio will surface of Trump trying to bribe a seal to prove the election was stolen.”

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“He also probably hasn’t jaywalked, but only because jaywalking happens in a straight line and Trump only goes around in circles,” Meyers said, showing footage from Trump on what looked to be the White House lawn, not walking in a straight line.

Meyers then remarked on the financial figure James is suing the Trumps for – $250 million – which he joked would lead the former president to having a sale at Trump Tower.

“If the suit succeeds, we’re gonna see an ‘Everything Must Go’ sign on Trump Tower. It would be the tackiest fire sale ever. You just see a bunch of New Yorkers walking down Fifth Avenue lugging giant chandeliers or marble water fountains or a golden toilet,” Meyers imagined.

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Later on in the segment (around the 5 minute mark), Meyers shifted to the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago in the FBI’s recent search of Trump’s property. After sharing clips from Sean Hannity’s sit down with Trump earlier this week, Meyers mocked how the ex-president claimed he could declassify documents.

“Trump told Hannity he thinks you can declassify a top secret document by simply declaring it declassified — inside your own head,” Meyers said, playing a clip where Trump said, “if you’re the president of the United States, you can declassify just by saying it’s declassified, even by thinking about it.”

So, of course, Meyers took an even “closer look” at that remark.

“Trump’s argument is that you can just declassify things in your mind. It’s officially declassified as long as you believe it’s declassified. That’s according to Trump’s newest legal adviser, Tinkerbell,” he said, showing a photo of the Disney fairy on screen. “Oh, heads up. Heads Up, Tink. He’s not going to pay you.”

Watch the full segment above.