Spread the wealth from F1

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Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2023 | 2 a.m.

The Formula One race was expected to create huge financial benefits for the Las Vegas economy. Not only did we enjoy extensive media coverage but hotel rooms were filled and ancillary businesses such as restaurants, casinos, etc., were all expected to generate increased profit.

However, the time period leading up to the race created a lot of upheaval within the local community. Roads near the Strip were blocked, resulting in hotel workers and nearby retail outlets being adversely affected by longer commute times, lost hourly wages and parking issues, as well as drastically reduced foot traffic for retailers.

A possible solution may be for the local government, Strip casinos and other corporate entities clearly benefiting from the race to allocate a share of generated profits to compensate the affected workers and small retail shops that suffered over the past few months, all in the holiday spirit of sharing and giving.

That just seems to be the fair thing to do and can only result in a closer-knit Las Vegas community — for one and for all.