The Only Two People Holding Trump Accountable Are Not Men

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Despite continued allegations of fraud and obstruction of justice claims against Donald Trump, somehow there are still only two people continuing to call the former president out—and neither one is a man.

According to host Molly Jong-Fast in her last episode appearing on political podcast The New Abnormal, those people are New York state Attorney General Letitia “Tish” James and the district attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, Fani Willis.

“They’re the only people who are doing this because everyone else is too much of a fucking coward,” Jong-Fast tells co-host Andy Levy.

“It’s just interesting to me. We got so many people in Trumpworld where Trump has done stuff and they’ve been like, ‘Well, let’s let it ride. He’s rich, he’s white. He has an implanted wig. People love him. We don’t want to upset people.’

“The two people who are holding him accountable are Black women. I just think it’s worth thinking about.”

This week, James announced that the New York state attorney general’s office is suing Trump, three of his adult children, and their family real estate company after a three-year investigation into what investigators deemed rampant business and tax fraud.

“What I thought was amazing was that Tish James has this very organized case that she’s set out,” Jong-Fast says. “And in this case, there’s a real case for criminal prosecution.”

“Tish James has made the case. And if [Manhattan DA] Alvin Bragg doesn’t prosecute, it’s really because he deeply sucks or is compromised.”

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Also on the podcast, Matt Fuller, senior politics editor at The Daily Beast, explains how Democrats have something to push voters to the polls: abortion.

“That’s the big animating factor for Democrats,” Fuller says.

“In a midterm you’re betting on your voters coming out and people who are just not that excited, low engagement voters, not showing up. Abortion was just maybe a bridge too far for Republicans, where you finally have a lot of women who are really pissed off about this ruling and feel like something has to be done here. And now Democrats have something to push voters to the polls.”

“I think the big miscalculation for Republicans was abortion. This is a real animating factor for Democrats and it could tip the scales in a number of states where they finally have something that’s going to bring people to the polls.”

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Then, Asawin Suebsaeng, senior politics reporter at Rolling Stone, reveals how the relationship between “spiritual adviser to the stars” Jacob Shmuel “Shmuley” Boteach, aka Rabbi Schmuley, and Dr. Mehmet Oz has turned sour over recent months.

“The reason the relationship is important is because this celebrity rabbi and this celebrity TV host and doctor have been buddies for a long time going back years,” Suebsaeng says. “This is someone who at the beginning of Dr. Oz’s campaign for this Senate seat was effusively praising Oz, saying he is one of America’s most famous or foremost doctors.

“As we now know via private text messages and emails obtained by Rolling Stone as those months dragged on, Rabbi Shmuley would fairly regularly email or text message Dr. Oz directly and/or his senior campaign staff to berate them with how grossly disappointed he was with how this campaign had turned out. He would absolutely trash them for what Dr. Oz’s campaign did in terms of fat shaming and making fun of John Fetterman for having a stroke.

“There were just a whole host of issues where he would just continually trash his dear and personal friend Dr. Oz for running a grotesque, disgraceful campaign.”

“He’s been very emphatic in saying that the candidacy of Dr. Oz as it currently stands, in its current form, is a tragedy, not just for the Jewish people, but also for the American people at large.”

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