Trump supporters should have their moral blindness pointed out

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August 14 at 5:43 PM

In her Aug. 11 op-ed, “A shameful blame game,” Kathleen Parker, after acknowledging that “Trump-the-package” is both “odious” and “inhumane,” nonetheless admonishes as “shameful” the tactic of shaming his reelection supporters, as “many, if not most, Trump supporters don’t think he is a racist, and don’t think they are, either.” 

But what is shameful about highlighting the moral blindness of those who, despite all the evidence of President Trump’s odiousness, inhumanity and cruelty toward immigrants, intend to support his reelection? Many cigarette smokers would still be smoking in enclosed public places, thinking they were not harming others, if not for public shaming of the behavior in the political process. 

It is a fair argument that the president’s appeal in the 2016 election to a restoration of American “greatness” was grounded in an anti-immigrant policy, vigorously pursued ever since, and that he brought no experience, knowledge or character to the Oval Office to further any concept of “greatness” other than a deceleration of the nation’s increasing diversity.

Elections are decided in a tide of public opinion, based on judgments about the worth of the candidates, not simply as Ms. Parker put it, in “assign[ing] blame for political gain.” It is hardly shameful to bestir Trump loyalists in the coming campaign with the message that their candidate has little to offer beyond policies that appeal to racists.

David W. Brown, Alexandria

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