TX Money Transfer vow to end 'hidden costs' in remittance market

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Bard Santner, a prominent financial services firm specializing in asset management, corporate finance, and wealth management, has launched TX Money Transfer, a new remittance platform aimed at revolutionizing the sector with enhanced reliability, transparency, and efficiency. The platform promises to address common issues such as hidden costs and process inefficiencies that hinder seamless money transfers.

TX Money Transfer aims to streamline the remittance process by ensuring clarity on charges and eliminating hidden fees. Executive director Lucia Chingwaru emphasized the company’s commitment to providing a flat 3% fee structure for transfers, without undisclosed costs, thus promoting transparency in financial transactions.

During the launch in Harare, Chingwaru highlighted TX Money Transfer’s strategy to collaborate with existing industry players to optimize the remittance value chain. The platform aims to tackle bottlenecks that typically occur during the collection stage, where recipients often face challenges like system failures, long wait times, and unexpected charges.

Chingwaru underscored the importance of integrating infrastructure and working with partners to improve the reliability of collection points, thereby ensuring that clients receive funds swiftly and efficiently. TX Money Transfer seeks to establish itself as a pivotal player in delivering last-mile payment solutions across Zimbabwe, addressing critical issues in the remittance sector with a customer-centric approach.