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Passengers on a United Airlines plane survived a truly terrifying ordeal after they were ordered to “brace for impact” when part of one of the aircraft’s engines flew off mid-flight over the Pacific Ocean.

Video and images shared by passengers on social media show one of the plane’s engine’s visibly damaged after the motor’s cowling—or covering—reportedly flew off during the Hawaii-bound flight from San Francisco. 

Passengers were told to ‘brace for impact’ after the cowling of one of the plane’s engines ripped off mid-flight over the Pacific Ocean Maria Falaschi

“Scariest flight of my life,” one passenger, Maria Falaschi, wrote on Twitter. She added that the flight UA1175 crew “did a great job” in guiding passengers through the “scary” situation. “They handled it well,” she said.

Falschi wrote that the incident started about 45 minutes before landing. Passengers “heard a big bang and the plane started to shake violently.”

The flight crew declared an emergency, telling passengers to “brace for impact” in case of a rough landing, according to The Telegraph. 

The flight was able to land safely in Honolulu, as emergency responders waited nearby. No injuries were reported in the incident. 

At least one passenger was even able to joke about the scare once safely on the ground. 

Erik Haddad, a Google engineer on the flight, tweeted out video of the damaged engine, writing: “That looks bad, plane and simple.”

He later shared a photo showing an emergency manual being held up in front of a passenger window showing the damaged motor, adding: “I don’t see anything about this in the manual.”

United Airlines did not immediately respond to a request for comment.