Wealthspire Advisors Rolls Out Impact And ESG-Based Investment Portfolios

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New York, February 23, 2021 – Wealthspire Advisors unveiled today a suite of impact investing solutions for clients seeking to align their investments with personal values.

This new comprehensive offering includes customizable investment portfolios as well as a set of tools designed to support multi-generational relationships and encourage conversations around values-based investing with family members. The ultimate goal of the Wealthspire Advisors solution is to allow clients to reflect and support their personal values through their portfolios using investment selections that maintain the rigor of the core Wealthspire investment offerings.

The new capabilities also position Wealthspire Advisors to better respond to requests for proposals from organizations seeking to implement an impact or values-based investment program. This news follows a November 2019 announcement of Wealthspire Advisors’ partnership with Align Impact, an impact investing advisory firm based in Santa Monica, California, that supported the selection of the new investment options that met prevailing environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

“This offering can incorporate an individual’s values or an institution’s mission into the asset allocation and security selection process, and we believe it sets the standard for impact investing in the RIA space,” said Wealthspire Advisors CEO Mike LaMena. “By combining industry-leading expertise across prominent impact investment themes with the rigor of our investment process, we’ve created diversified impact portfolios that can be tailored around clients’ values and the impact outcomes they seek.”

Wealthspire Advisors’ approach to impact investing applies to public and private investments alike. It reflects a holistic decision-making framework for investment in which values, mission, and impact are considered in concert with investment return and risk parameters. Select investments can be structured to reflect clients’ individual values such as social and racial justice, environmental sustainability, gender equity, animal welfare and other areas of interest. The foundation of Wealthspire Advisors’ impact portfolios reflects the makeup of its traditional portfolios in terms of allocations to both U.S. and international stocks and bond products.

“It’s important that the solutions we provide for clients interested in values-based investing hold up to the same standards as any investment offered to Wealthspire clients,” said Deputy CIO Dmitriy Katsnelson. “As impact investing products continue to evolve and mature, we expect to expand and grow this offering.”

Impact portfolios are now available to all comprehensive wealth management clients at Wealthspire Advisors. Those interested in learning more about values-based investing and the Wealthspire Advisors approach are encouraged to visit https://www.wealthspire.com/investing/impact-investing/.