Women Hold Wealth Creation Conference

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Over 200 women at the weekend converged on Abuja to share experiences and inspire others to strategise and share knowledge to thrive in the face of present economic realities.

The event being the maiden edition of “Unstoppable Woman Conference 2023” was organised by Unstoppable Woman Network. 

According to the organisers, the objective of the meeting was to discover tools and strategies that can enable women to rekindle their spirit through empowering conversations with some astute business women and coaches and be inspired to become unstoppable in the face of challenges. 

Speaking at the event, the convener and host, Ijeoma Igbaji said the programme was put together for women to come and be impacted, network with other like-minded women and also have a bit of fun.

“I notice that because of the current economic realities a lot of women are giving up, they are shutting down their business. Today, if you open the internet or just look around people are shutting down their business, people are just leaving and I figured that it doesn’t have to be like that. If people had an opportunity to come together and learn, like people who have experienced lack and loss but come out of it can share and say, why don’t you try this and why don’t you try that? I am sure that people will be able to pick themselves up.

“So the objective of this conference is to provide knowledge about finances, how to raise money, how to manage yourself so by the time you put that knowledge together with your own reality you will become unstoppable,” he said.

On having women in leadership positions, Igbaji said there are many capable women out there that are yet to be seen or heard. “We are asking the government to create an enabling environment for women to participate in the affairs of governance and nation-building.”

A talent specialist/performance coach, Soluchy Agu, in her address urged the women to attach value to everything they do. “You have to introduce yourself by the value that you bring. Every day you wake, speak your identity. When you speak your identity, the universe reacts by bringing opportunities to you.

Agu told the participants to “Begin to attach value to everything that you do, and also attach an outcome and experience of how people feel when they meet you, what is their experience of you? These are some of the things that make you unstoppable, because every day you remind yourself of who you are. What makes you unstoppable is your story, learn to document your journey, and also follow people’s story and journey, they can encourage you.”

Agu said there are three-pronged approaches to being unstoppable; “Face and address your inner wars; confront your outer battles by leveling up on your skills and values; Networking and collaborations.”

She urged the participants to stay on what they are good at and not try to do everything on their own.

The event which featured presentation of grants to three participants was supported by Popup Chef and Celebrations.